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It is good to take a moment to step back and consider things.  Things have been a bit hectic but that is better than hody hum in my estimation of things in general.

All the plans for the yard are not by any means completed but then where would the dreaming be.

Goal number one was to reduce the amount of sand tracked into the house.  A few bald spots to fix up but most of the grass has been planted.  The front terrace was paved with pavers that look like wood. 
 We were one long paver short and I need to bring back one short one for the arbor approach from my other bright idea!

We invited the neighbour to put down her spatula and come over so two could hold the arbor up while we each evaluated the perfect height.  We all agreed!  This is the entrance to my favourite white garden.

I was just thrilled that my white clematis has took so well.  When it fills and covers the arbor I hope the meter is hidden.

.My transplanted daisies, originally from my parent's garden,  luv it here.


Firing on just about ALL my creative cylinders!

First big change was buying a dehumidifier.  What a difference that has made to the hobby room.  I hate being cold!  Kinda freezes me up creatively speaking.

Getting all my Art 101 projects organized involved watching quite a few instructional videos and my appreciation for several artistic styles has skyrocketed and helped me clarify my own personal style.  I also better understand how to use some mediums I hadn't thought much about like chalk pastels to enhance tempera paints.  And oil pastels for outlining!!!  yes!

But the real motivation was having a fellow retreat planner stop by for a planning session.  I had to clean everything up and that's when I discovered how pleasant a dehumidified space was.  We were digging around in my stash looking for fabrics which I kinda knew were in there somewhere.  Some I apparently gave away- my eye spy bin!, and some I had totally forgotten about- I have an whole herd of elephants!  So that evening and the following day I took it all o…

Garden 8/23/19

This could be the grand finale for the green month!

A traveling salesman arrived with an aerial photo of the property.  I didn't think we were ready for that and definitely not in the large framed size. But my Farmer couldn't resist.  He at least declined the frame.  lol

A trip to the National Ukrainian festival in Dauphin was inspiring.  A side trip to the town yielded the nicest garden/park beside the train station.

 I took lots of photos and I am determined to replicate it.  Mature trees is key so I will have to use the existing bush that is on the east corner. 

The front terrace  gets lots of compliments.  We are actually 1 brick short but buying another pallet is not an option.  The bed for the 3 globe cedars needs settling for next spring's planting.  Maya needs to be persuaded to move her 'couch'!

The wishing well is still a work in progress.  We fish frogs out of it on a regular basis.  But it has also become apparent that driving over the water line is …

Creative Minimalism

There are two kinds of minimalism: minimalism as an aesthetic style and minimalism as a lifestyle philosophy.  I kinda aspire to both.

As a style or a philosophy, , minimal describes any concept that is pared down to its most essential elements.

In a lifestyle one puts away nonessentials and what doesn't work or fit the need.  Then one can focus on  what is personally important.  Hopefully downsizing and moving headed us off in that direction and what would really make me (us) happy is not to repeat gathering and clutttering.

Minimal art, which became popular in the 1960's as a counter movement to the bold and colourful abstract expressionists of the post World War II years, features a much subtler use of colour and often focus on clean geometric shapes.  I like the cleaner simpler lines myself.

In the fashion world minimalism focuses on functionality and a clean, modern silhouette with minor embellishment and a toned-down colour palette.  I can appreciate the look but its no…

Creative Travel Capsule

Dauphin's Canadian National Ukrainian Festival
A 50th anniversary present from the kids and we were off to the Canadian National Ukrainian Festival.  We had driven up a number of years ago not realizing the scope of the event and had always wanted to go back as it is well attended and hotel rooms sell out quickly and there is so very much to see and do.

 I needed a small wardrobe capsule as a practice for the Big trip in Fall..  I learned it isn't necessarily what you want but what is necessary.   The heat and the bleachers proved the short capris a great choice,  The long pale yellow scarf/shawl was a brilliant suggestion.  I threw in an old beige cardigan at the last minute and it was indispensable for morning coffee and evening chill!  What was I thinking!!!  Too hot for the long sleeve tees although I coulda/shoulda maybe thought about evenings since we did nip back to the hotel between shows.  One tee I didn't wear because I wore my souvenir purchase.  The backpack …

What are you Goking at?

The Book Club book is Gok Wan   Work Your Wardrobe .  Probably not something I would have bought but I have enjoyed reading as his style is very creative and that appeals to my aesthetic.

He talks about Chic Classics  (basics) and how to style them to suit ones personal style.  The second section is all about Elegant Extras (accessories) which I have learned are what makes one's style unique.  Then in section 3, Timeless Style he puts looks together. This book is ten years old but I didn't find it dated at all.

He luvs waistcoats which are what vests are called in the UK.  This reminded me that I want to incorporate them into my own style.

 An additional challenge was to choose a look inspired by the book and then another look inspired by an accessory.

I decided to chose from the shoe section although the tote bag, scarves and jewelry all are mentioned.

The hair section didn't really influence me but I have just got so tired of the mid length hair always being in my face …