Creative Excuses

Good, Better, Best!  I was good, but then I got gooder.  But the goodest of all... (I hope the grand kiddoes aren't checking out my grammer!) . 

Skirt and top has always been my youniform.  Since learning about dressing style I have improved although adding a third layer is still pretty much a uniform because I hate being chilly.  Joining a shop your closet 30 day challenge has upped my game because it has made me bring out those things that kinda get into the back of the closet.  And then I learned a new term.  Add the cherry on the top!  The Best!

But all this social distancing time gives time for reflection.  Since life has considerably simplified I can no longer deny attitudes/habits that have been hiding away in the back of the closet of my mind.  I can no longer use the excuse that I had to do/go ...   well you name it.  Now it is just me and my excuses.

 # 1    VBSIGH  I have  (where is the teeny tiny print when I need it)  gulp, an addiction problem.  I have suspected.  I…

How full is your Creative Cup?

We tend to view our glasses or our life as half full or half empty. 

If things are less than stellar we say our glass is half full.  If the sun is shining and things are 'Going My Way' then we say the glass is half full or even, YAY! brimming over!

I am a half full kind of gal.  Eternally optimistic.

As an introvert I have my stack(s) of books, my hobbies and my Stash!  I can survey my creative kingdom and nail up a sign saying 'Artist in Residence'! 

But somehow stopping to smell the roses (glue and paint) has caused me to locate a patch of stinkweed.  Does glue go bad?

How did I get so many projects lined up?  That is not what I expected of a glass brimming over.  Hmmm, I should perhaps expect that when I anticipate creative time and join every creative opportunity that comes down the scroll bar.   vbsigh

The private FB page set up for my grandstudents was easy but now I see that all the cute animals and craft videos I share to the kiddoes site means the assignments…

Catching the creative curve ball

Last post I was waiting for spring and its looking weatherwise and worldwise that I may just have to look ahead to summer!

So my ducks...

The Friendship Centre has closed its doors but we got our cleaning done just in time.

 Compassionate Quilting is done.  All Thumbs has postponed our evening sessions indefinitely and I suspect our one day mini retreat is crashing.  Yup, just happened.  I did get a start on my blocks for the guest room last week and will continue on hopefully in that designated evening slot!  Between snow storms and forced staycations we haven't gotten together as much this year.  We do have a general group email for connecting though.

I did have an art plan for the grand artists in place but now I need to tweak that to a kind of correspondence course!  Being quite rural we were able to get a last get together in place. 

They went home with a new game and I am so glad they can do these by themselves now.

In the beginning...
Our version of world history began in…

Slowing the Season

Seems like spring cleaning just doesn't push spring along any faster.  That might be a good thing.

The unexpected rescheduling of kitchen cleaning to laundry and hobbyroom  has caused a definite lurch in the spring cleaning schedule.  And while we are downstairs we may as well go ahead and finish up.  The art end is all spiffied up and only awaits curtains.  The new ironing station is in my Dearie's shop so that end of the playroom will await its reveal.

In the meantime, I decided to organize the next sessions of art with my art keeners!  I spread out all my options.  I luv planning all of this!

The window view will confirm I have time before planting season arrives.  Now which ideas to plant in my young art seedling's minds!

Oh boy!  I forgot my motto.  Keep It Simple, smarty!!!   vbsigh 

I didn't get it all done but it is a condensed start and I'm good for the next while.

I am still working away on the guest room quilt blocks.  These are taking a bit of fabric …

A Situational Study

The Study.  The Den.  The Office.  The Computer Room. The Man Cave. Grandson's Guest Room. Sometimes The Family Room. Occasionally Movie Theatre.  It goes by many names and serves several functions. 

I am quite often informed that this is 'HIS' room and HE prefers function over form.  We almost had a 'knock down drag 'em out'  over spreading out his books on my curated book shelf.  So far I have given up one end of shelf.  We'll see.

I am amassing a list for Ikea and black picture frames is on the list.  I stole borrowed a small black glass topped lap top table from Ikea that sat in front of the window but it has been missed so that went on the list as well.  Everything in this room was specifically bought for it from Ikea except the wooden desk chair and all the accessories.  Even so, this room is full of memorabilia and memories.

I had planned to use two large good quality pieces of quilting cotton for curtains; a green with a coloured band sewn down the…