Seeing 2020

In defence of my absence I have had some set backs as this new year approached.

After last grandchild completed their gifts I collapsed.  I had some kind of vicious virus that apparently was really 3 viruses that whammied the patient every time hope loomed.  I never went to the hospital  which are maxed out anyway.  But  'he who nursed me' almost had his hand on speed dial until my fever broke.  He was there with the liquids and chicken soup.

I seemed to have lingering energy issues but I did actually make it to the grand kiddies Christmas party and everyone was impressed with all their efforts.  It was an excellent time.  Tradition says we bring our jammies and stay over on Christmas eve.  When the noise gets too much we head home the next day.  Such a great time that we left just before dark.

I knew I was on the mend when I went down to sort out the mess in the hobby room!

I also quit taking an afternoon nap before new years so all is well!

I woke up at 5:00 am yesterday mo…

Its a Wrap

Down to the last grandchild's present making date.  Joshua, 11,  works faster so we have been working away and have a bit of time left over to battle the cold that he says he never brought with him!

We picked him up between our first holiday party and the weekly luncheon at the Friendship Centre. He had started working on his first project in our Home Ec time as his sisters were catching up with their part of our group projects.

I think every time I plug in the lights at the hall their are less and less bulbs springing into life.  It is a fair ways to Ukrainian Christmas!  There was enough players so Josh wasn't actually needed so he  and his grandplayer were a team.

That turned out to be a long day so we had an easy night and got well rested for a big marathon day.  But first some breakfast for the Red Baron and all!

We started with a mug rug.  But the recipient is a proper tea drinker so a bigger size was needed. 

All the kids had decided on a pillow case for Papa and I go…

Its beginning to look...

I/we really do try to contain all the hoopla that the end of the year entails.  We have a ways to go.  We dispensed with the whole tree thing many years ago.  We did end that era with a 'Snoopy tree' .  The sideways glances from the relatives were worth this grand finale! 

That said, I readily accepted a second hand tree from my neighbour.  Our new neighbourhood embraces trees and lights.  Hmmmm?   Front entrance street view?  One thing I learnt about landscaping- one landscapes from an inside view.  We luv sitting at the kitchen island looking out.  Hence the trees position.  a little windy so it will be tied and come summer it will find a permanent place in my garden where the after Christmas sales will see it decked with tiny white faerie lights.  Fah lah lah la LAH!   DD#2 asked if I want pink flamingos.  I said yes but I draw the line at palm trees!

 And what does all that have to do with grandkiddo #2's  staycation?  We took a break from sewing to have coffee with s…

Hooking up for the season

Well, if the last post was a somewhat relaxing retreat, then this one is readying for the race.

Educational Art 101 we finished up our four seasons of a tree.  Same tree and same owl but different seasons!

And we are entering our busy season.  Youngest grandchild, Jolina (7) stayed for a week of seasonal projects.

We worked on a project for each one on her list.  Simple mug rugs which I should have cut bigger as they are more like coasters.  We can improve the prototype next year.  My novelty fabric stash gave each recipient a personalized 'rug'!

Then we were off to Compassionate Quilters whose project was squares for touch quilts.

Next day we were off for lunch at the Friendship Centre where she impressed all the seniors with her finger knitting skills.  This is like spool knitting but makes a flat 4 stitch rather than the 4 stitch rope.  Still makes a hot pad when sewn together!  So we work on regular crochet in our 'spare' time. ha, ha!  And that is challenging bec…